Shupe's Collective || Travis Scott Air Jordan 1

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Release date: May 11, 2019

Undefeated - 8:00 AM EST
Undefeated is notorious for canceling orders for no reason at all. A majority of stock has been allocated to physical location releases; run a handful of tasks. Cyber and Dashe shopify both do well on this site.

Kith - 10:00 AM EST
Unlike Undefeated, Kith does not cancel orders. All sales are final. This means that you need to ENSURE you are picking up the right product with KW's or early links. AMNotify is one of the only groups that receive legitimate early links right from the source. We will provide this information as we receive it.

Social Status - 10:00 AM EST
Social Status and many other sites love to delay releases due to botting. Rarely does a product actually go live at the time given by the company. Keep tasks at a high general/monitor delay to avoid soft bans and adjust delay down when you see the product live in our monitors.

Dover Street Market - 11:00 AM EST
Dover Street Market utilizes captcha at almost every stage in the checkout process. Make sure you have enough one-clicks to cover all your tasks. Software like ProjectDestroyer and SoleUS are best on DSM.

Sneaker Politics - 11:00 AM EST
Like Social Status, Sneaker Politics is known for announcing a release time, and waiting a few more hours beyond that to actually release. Keywords and early links will be your best bet. Again, we will relay the information as we receive it.